AeroSPC, Inc. is fortunate to have an industry leading process expert, a compliance specialist and field service technician so we can coordinate support efforts.  It is our goal to contribute to the reduction of risk by escapes in the supply chain.  Our methods are hands-on and company specific - leaving your team better equipped for success when we are no longer onsite. 

> The ABC's of VAB  - A training overview presentation of the basics of vacuum aluminum brazing.  The training presented by Mr. Matt Orfe (VAB Product Line Manager) is for organizations currently brazing who have lost process knowledge through retirement or attrition, organizations not yet brazing; but looking to enter the market and those organizations where new engineers, supervisors, managers or operators need a "bigger picture" moment to drive home the "why" behind the "what."

>VAB Process Development  - Review of  drawings, specifications and  materials to determine recommended brazing practice, including assistance in the development of BPS/BPQR 's to support process compliance to AWS C 3.7.

> Pyrometry Support AMS 2750 on your mind - ours too!  We can help investigate TUS Failures, prepare pyrometry practices and procedures, related forms.  Additionally we can make equipment recommendations / installation  and training to conduct in-house TUS and SAT to meet AMS 2750 requirements, allowing you to schedule on your schedule instead of a service provider.  If the organization would rather maintain an external provider, we are happy to help you find a suitable source.

> VAB Documentation DevelopmentHow is your process controlled?  How will a new operator know required maintenance, methods of operation, how to troubleshoot and where to look?  From product specific process paramaters to general operational knowledge and maintenance, let us create simple bullet style or "every-little-detail" style visual work instructions to support your brazing process. 

With process knowledge that can only be obtained through experience, let us help you expedite the VAB learning curve.

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